Emerald Coast Pediatrics
850-623-5437 (Milton)
Dr. John Van Ostenbridge, M.D. F.A.A.P.
5834 Berryhill Rd
Milton, FL 32570

850-995-8087 (Pace)
Dr. David A. Hensley, M.D. F.A.A.P.
4854 Woodbine Rd, Suite 1
Pace, FL 32571

*both locations accepting newborns as new patients
*Humana and Molina is accepted for newborns or established patients only

Kids Care Pediatrics, 850-995-0169
Dr. Jennifer Zimmermann, M.D.
4453 US-90
Pace, FL 32517

*accepting new patients starting at the end of June
*it is important that the parents vaccinate their children, patients will not be accepted without vaccinations
*Humana and Molina are accepted

Sacred Heart Medical Group Pediatrics, 850-994-5010
Dr. Teresa Mahaffey, M.D.
Dr. Heidi Barker
5565 Woodbine Rd.
Pace, FL 32571

Sacred Heart Pediatrics After Hours, 850-416-5205
Dr. Teresa Mahaffey
Dr. Michelle Grier-Hall
Dr. Dina Jaalouk
Dr. Stephanie Slagle
4435 Hwy 90
Pace, FL 32571

*no appointment needed
*accepted insurances listed on website:

Gulf Coast Physician Partners, 850-623-9787
Dr. Dennis R. Mayeaux, M.D.
Dr. Janet I. Lewis, M.D.
Dr. Bach-Uyen Le Thi, M.D.
Dr. Jonathan E. Fountain, M.D.
5907 Berryhill Rd
Milton, FL 32570

*not pediatric specialized
*accepting new patients
*accepts Humana and Molina

Jay Hospital, 850-675-4546
Dr. Marian Stewart, M.D. Pediatrics
14088 Alabama Street
Jay, FL 32565

*accepts Molina

Pensacola Pediatrics
Gulf Breeze/Tiger Point Office, 850-934-9876
Dr. Pamela M. Klein
Dr. Randall Reese
1368 Country Club Rd.
Gulf Breeze, FL 32563

*new patients accepted depending on their insurance
*Humana and Molina accepted for newborns only

Pace Pediatrics, 850-995-8600
Dr. Michelle S. Page, M.D.
4288 Woodbine Rd
Milton, FL 32571

*accepting new patients: for newborns- they will accommodate and make room in the schedule
for non-newborns booked 3-4 months out
*patients accepted depending on their insurance- at this time not accepting Medicaid(full)

Santa Rosa Pediatrics, 850-983-3700
Dr. Luis A. Ghiglino
5962 Berryhill Rd
Milton, FL 32570

Breeze Pediatrics, 850-932-5348
Dr. Robin Renfroe, M.D.
Dr. Brandy Boutin, M.D.
204 Center Street
Gulf Breeze, FL 32561

*not taking new patients with Humana
*does not accept Molina
*new patients accepted depending on insurance

Navarre Pediatrics, 850-939-5550
Dr. Heba El Goweni, M.D.
Dr. Omaina Mousa, M.D.
8880 Navarre Pkwy Suite 102
Navarre, FL 32566

*accepting new patients that reside in Navarre and Gulf Breeze
*accepts Humana and Molina

Baptist Medical Group Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, 850-936-6211
Dr. Ashley Askew, M.D.
Dr. Alison S. Curtsinger, M.D.
8880 Navarre Pkwy Suite 101
Navarre, FL 32566

*accepting new patients that reside in Navarre and Gulf Breeze
*accepts Humana and Molina

Pediatric Associates, PA, 850-994-0901
4591 Santa Villa Dr.
Pace, FL 32571
Dr. Patrick Murray
Dr. Ulrike Benny
Dr. Jennifer Thompson
Dr. Jennifer Walker

*Walk-in and standard appointment services Mon.-Fri. 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
*Always accepting new patients
*Accepts Humana private, not Medicaid

White Wilson Medical Center-Navarre, 850-396-0108
8990 Navarre Parkway
Navarre, FL 32566
Dr. Paul Berger
Dr. Ellen Coats
Dr.Christopher Cave